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Our services

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Financial Consulting

  • We operate your accounting and generate management reports for decision making.  

  • We present reports with indicators at critical points of profitability and effectiveness according to the line of business.  

  • We guide you in financial decisions and their fiscal impact according to the current legislation that regulates your company. 

Tax Consulting

  • Our specialists constantly analyze the accounting operation that we process and the fiscal criteria that are used in accordance with current legislation.  

  • We keep your accounting records permanently updated.  

  • We provide tax advice tailored to the turn of your business.  

  • We attend in a personalized way the citations and audits of the SAT.  

Consulta fiscal
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Employment advice

  • We operate your accounting documents and advise you on the correct application to comply with current labor regulations.  

  • We guide you in the specific labor cases that are presented and in the audits of the IGSS or the Ministry of Labor.  

  • We provide payroll administration service. 

Legal advice

  • We operate the accounting of your company and we guide you permanently since its formation.  

  • We advise on the legal-tax structure of your company.  

  • We provide guidance on business contracts and their tax implications. 

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